The youth represents the future; thus, the future of any people is dependent on the practical and spiritual development of the youth. Out of inexperience and misapprehensions of their psychological disposition, the youth can be easily influenced into situations that are counter to their interests. This is why Ndi-Ichie Youth Cultural Foundation focuses on ‘Youth Education’ through various traditional programs to inspire  the education of the youth, thus influencing their philosophy of living with impeccable moral values and respect.   


Fashion displays in traditional Igbo event-setting play a prominent role in promoting the  Igbo culture and the applicable values, and project the unique Igbo identity. By rehearsing a set of traditions, especially, the traditional Igbo fashion, Ndi-Ichie have given the population their Ancestral identity, teaching the true Igbo custom, and passing it  on from the older generations to the newer ones, thereby keeping the culture alive and fresh.

18th Annual HoustonIgboFest 2019
DATE:    SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2019  |  


​              1500 MCKINNEY ST. HOUSTON, TEXAS 77010
TIME:    2PM - 10PM
2019 HOUSTON IGBOFEST (Cultural & Masquerade Festival) will take place on Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 2pm to 10pm.  The venue is Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney Street, Houston, Texas 77010.