Gate is officially open for organizing process and registration of 2017 HOUSTON IGBOFEST, an annual cultural day organized by Ndi-Ichie Youth Cultural Foundation, in conjunction with Ndi-Ichie Global Culture Outreach Project. This year’s there is “Celebrating Our Language, Our Culture.”  Event will take place on Saturday, July 15, 2017

Event highlights include:
■ International Cuisine
■ Verbal Wit Competition
■ Cultural Performances
■ Igbo Language
■ Folklore Competition
■ Masquerade Performances
■ Children Dance
■ Adult Dance
■ Fashion Show
■ Singing and Dancing

Over $7,000.000 to be won in of Prizes.  This event is free, so individuals are invited to bring the whole family for this spectacular weekend of fun and excitement!!! The event venue remains the same:

Igbo Catholic Community Center
8250 Creekbend Dr.
Houston, Texas 77071
2pm - 10pm

For information or to register for performances, please call:
Isi-Ichie Okey Okonkwo (Festival Chair) 832-515-1048
Isi-Ichie Chris Ulasi (President) 832-788-8133
Ichie Uche Onuogu (Vice President) 713-805-1925
Isi-Ichie Ken Chinweze (Board Chairman) 713-553-5863
Ichie Tim Ifemedebe (PRO) 713-560-4651

Event Flyer