Fashion is part of the culture of a people, and it expresses who they are. For the young, small and big, it enriches their understanding of their culture and imbues a sense of pride in them, too.

Event Flyer


Event Flyer

Culture matters! In Igbo culture, activities that relate to survival are believed to have their origin with the gods.  Memories are powerful.  For without memories there can be neither culture nor conscience. Ndi-Ichie Cultural Club, Inc. exists to sustain and re-enact significant episodes in Igbo religio-cultural history.  The basic theme is the perpetuation and propagation of the revered Igbo ancestral life and cultural values. Come close to us and wallow in the cultural tingles one of Africa’s most dynamic, most resilient social community.  Fill yourself and share with friends and family.



The youths and young adults are an essential cornerstone of Houston's Igbo Cultural Festival. Culture matters, and cultural capital is an important, and often neglected part of a child's upbringing.